My home in st Marys

The home before being literally homeless
And a boyfriend who didn’t care that he’d been the reason


Erin hart

Why is it possible that I see your name and a beautiful memory flash back comes to mind. Living with you and Louise & tim a lifetime ago around this time of year too before I knew Vej before my fate was sealed in heart ache life was shitty even then but falling in love unconditionally hadn’t started it all unfolded growing up with you and your family 13 you little shit head me 15. Haha. Your name on facebook stops the crying over a life taken nearly 12 years ago and mine ever since your name brings me back. Thank you for being apart of my life


That moment

Time slows when the penny drops, you see it all unfolding  before you and you feel it start in the pit of your tummy and it grows til my heart beats out of wack and sharp little pains start then it gets my eyes and they well up and pour over once their full it’s a flood of tears that make me feel every devastating dilemma I’ve overcome  and their loses, what breaks me is on this very moment I’m all alone there is not one person i can or would call to save my life or who would send me a text checking in and it breaks me being a ghost but alive,